Shit... where do I start?

Typical me, I am sitting here finalising my web site and this is the only thing I have not completed. I'm a bold person with a pretty wild personality, but writing about myself is something I would rather not do. Hence avoiding it till now…

I am married, been with my beef cake for ten years. He is my rock. I’m more in love than ever. YES the seven year itch is a thing.... we have three children, two dogs, three birds and a drip system that feeds our garden at the back, I spent 20k on… been together as this long as we have we roll with it.  We think we are Bonnie and Cylde. He is my ride or die.

My kids changed my life. KenZo, Mealamu & Oak Jagger. The biggest misconception that people immediately think is that (she can't manage, style, bloom my day) she has three children. I’m not your average woman honey... I need minimal sleep and I’m so passionate about my job. My boys talk about my job all the time. It's the proudest moments I have hearing them talk about mummies' work. 

I was a classical ballet dancer and moved to Monaco to dance professionally. While I was there I was taught by the Prince of Monaco Principality florist; this was my part time job. THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF MY FLOWER LOVE. After dancing for 17 years, I made the decision to call it quits and come home. For a few years, I stumbled through re-finding my feet until I became a visual merchandiser and studied interior design; there I found a love for the ART world.

Weddings - I have a constant resting bitch face thanks to Botox, which, after three kids if you don't want to look like you have been dragged behind a bus, is important. I have never been as in love with work as I am now. I live for my girls... (my brides) the process is absolutely wild.  Each is different and I am constantly on a high from it. I have never been as happy as I am right now. Innovative design is crazy, every day with weddings is different, and I love that. Your wedding day is absolutely wild... being there to manage it and see it unfold is something I will never forget, be it a year or even five from now. In meetings, I’m always laughing, even in stressful moments, talking about drinking wine andddd…. buying cloths. I LOVE clothes. I am one of the most chilled people you will ever meet. My motto is stressing gives you wrinkles! Drinking wine, laughing and dancing your way to Beyonce keeps the stress down. Unless your doing something illegal, what you spend on your wedding day will be the most you will ever spend in one day. That's farking crazy!!! Put it in the right places and spend it with people you value & who are a good time.