Choosing and Planner - Stylist. Do you need one? Are they worth Their Money?

After coming out of my busiest Wedding season 2017-2018 and completing 66 weddings!!!! yes you read correctly.  Over the last 6 weeks i have reflected on the season that was, specifically working out what we can do to make the experience better, on the day run smoother and Biggest one... Making our role to our clients as their planner / stylist relaxed chilled and ZEN!!! 

The idea behind these new weekly blog posts is for my clients to be up dated with what i think works and wedding tips / ideas.  I am going to be very honest and direct and give you my thoughts on how best things work.   As i say, i do this most weekends not only setting up and the on the day logistics but running the weddings them selves so i may not be able to cook well but i no weddings.. 

First things first.. 

This whole wedding planner - Stylist thing?   What is it, and is it needed... 

When i first started in the industry i did really question whether it was a need or a want.... I always maintained that its for a specific person and not everyone needs the help of one.  Over the years and doing so many weddings my view has totally changed.   When a pipe bursts you call a plumber, your neck is out you go to a chiro, the car gets serviced ect ect.  My point ... these are all professionals in their own right and field.  So why do Brides try to plan their day when its not their day job?   Un like the trades i have mentioned above , non of these you spend in excess of 50k in an 8 hour period on so why do we give it a whirl our selves.  I think its madness.   Its way to much money to try to do it your self.  The DIY days are done.   If you and your parents are going to fork out that much money invest so its done correctly, runs smoothly and all in all is a seamless affair.  

Your wedding day is not the time to try out whether you want to try become a stylist.  Go intern for a company.  Marriage is hard.  trust me i know i have been with my husband for ten years Yes 10!!!!.  So instead of flapping about, stressed and tension between you both in list some one to run all aspects of the day so you and future hubs are looking forward to the day and not bickering because once your married and life goes out of the excitement of the wedding you will look back and think the last few years have just been one big giant stress when in the lead up to saying YES your ment to be happy campers with each other.  

A good planner is not just their to plan the day.  One of the biggest jobs i do is be there as a neutral person to bounce ideas off.  Be the sounding ear!! Be the phone call away when issues arise with the fam or bridal party [ yes there are always issues ] dont ask me why but i could write a novel on this.   

There are so many options out there for people you can employ,  i may not be your cup of tea but i am certain that some one in Perth will be a good fit for you and help you over the next year to eighteen months bring the day together. 

 Biggest moral of the story.....

- Don't try do a job that is not your day job

- Hire someone you get along with because your going to have to SPEND A SHIT TONE of time with 

-Find someone that listens to you.  Its not there day or what they want.  Its our job to interpenetrate what you want 

Biggest one 

-Don't price shop like your in bali and go with who has the cheapest option.  Its not the time to try and find a bargain

Images - Peggy Saas

Amber Jasper-Welch